We are a fast-growing e-commerce company based in Miami in 2022, already catering to the needs of thousands of satisfied customers on Amazon and promising to become a leader in the US market in electronic devices that excel in quality and functionality and ease customers' lives.


We are on a mission to develop the best-performing products inspired by the real-life needs of our customers.

Our Values

Service: We are passionate about serving our customers and improving their day-to-day experiences.
Products: We develop cutting-edge products having in mind at all times product functionality and our customers.
Value: We aim to offer the best value for money by creating sustainable products


To become the #1 online destination for electronic devices and for our products to be in every family's home worldwide.


Our customers are real-life people with everyday needs and issues we praise on solving with our carefully designed and engineered products. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable and carefree life! For that, we are constantly in touch with our customers to uncover their necessities and get product feedback on usability and features. This is how the Whole Goods product team develops perfectly balanced products for families everywhere.


Our products result from a perfect balance between functionality, cutting-edge design, and affordable price. Our core products are Security Solar Lights  that we have improved over time based on customer reviews and needs. We plan to extend our range of electronic devices along with our customer's demands and transform their day-to-day life and activities.

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